Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Salad with house made bread croutons and avocado dressing. Purple drank.

Ancho chicken tacos. Spanish rice. Lime crema. Pickled slaw. Funnel cake. Almond horchata

Lentil chicken and rice salad with greens. Ice cream cake. Purple drank

Chicken sandwich on house made baguettes. Salad. Purple drank

Stir fry. Salad. Cup of blueberry gelato. Red drank

Lentil "chili". Some kinda pudding. Red drank

Chicken stir fry with house made strozzapreti pasta. Salad. Pine nut tart. Red drank

House made spaghetti and breads. Red sauce. Almond cookies. Salad. Orange drank

Vegetable red curry. House made naan. Banana pudding. Salad. Orange drank

Panda express style chicken stir fry. Salad. Wu Tang

Chicken stew with biscuit top. Dirt pie. Salad. Tang

Miso soup. Pork belly salad